The Cheerful Giver- Part 1

I was watching a piece on 20/20 about those who volunteered their time and/or gave their money and one of the interesting things they shared was about those who gave, (especially older men/women) were living longer, and their health was improving in their latter years.  They even spoke with a gentleman that believed it was through his giving and volunteer efforts that he was able to begin to walk without a cane after many years of being dependent upon a cane to help him get around.  Thus, we see that giving has made a difference in their lives, and as Christians we know that giving will change our lives, because (Acts 20:35) tells us “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.  You see in Gods mind receiving is good but giving is better; giving is so good to God that He called it a blessing, and if giving is a blessing in the eyes God, then those who give cheerfully, willingly, and with the heart of God are blessed; and as Christians we need to learn to give more, it’s not just about the money, although that is critical to running a ministry, because bills have to be paid in a ministry just like any other business.  However, the giving of our time, effort and energies without expecting anything in return is important to our spiritual growth.  It is important that when you give, to never expect anything in return from man, but if there is to be any return expect it to come from God.  Seek God to find other ways to bless your church or community through giving; we can all do a better job in that department.

                                    God Bless You!

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