The Cheerful Giver-Part 2

(Phil 4:19) says “But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.  Christians for the most part love this particular scripture, because all of us want our needs to be met by God.  However, this scripture doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone in the body Christ.  It only applies to those who sow and give into the things of God.  When the Apostle Paul made this statement, he was speaking to a church that was known for their generosity in giving to support the work which he was doing on behalf of the Kingdom of God.  The Phillipian Church was known for their giving, they were known to communicate with the man of God during times of affliction, and they were known to sow into the things of God when other churches wouldn’t.  Thus, they understood that one of the ways to be blessed by God, one of the ways to be sure that all your needs are met was to sow into kingdom work.  Therefore, if you are a giver this scripture applies to you, but if you are one who attempt’s to hold on to every dollar you get, and you don’t tithe or sow offerings in your local ministry, this scripture is not for you. Yes I know that we believe that this scripture applies to all Christians, but all who say they are Christians are not faithful in their giving.  As Christians we must understand that every-time we give what God has required, we open ourselves up to be blessed, we open ourselves up to having our needs met, and even some of the desires of our heart are given to us by God.  As you examine (Phil 4:19) go back and read (Phil 4:10-20) and you will understand why Paul was able to speak this into their lives; and we want God to be able to say the same thing about us today.

                                                God Bless You!

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