The Cost Of Discipleship

St. Mark 8:34) “Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” 

This is why everybody that’s talking about heaven won’t make it to heaven.  And I don’t minister to you as one who has arrived.  However, there are some phrases we should pay attention to in this text.  The phrase in the scripture which says “let him deny himself” means as Disciples of Christ we must learn to say “NO” to ourselves.  We must learn to say “NO” to that new outfit if we are going to pay for it with God’s money (tithe) or with money we know we don’t really have; we must say “NO” to our favorite TV show  when we know the house of God is open for services; we must say “NO” to acting out when someone says something to us  we don’t like; if you are single you must say “no” to the spirit of fornication; if you are married you certainly need to say “NO” to an adulterous relationship, in fact, if it looks like sin just say “NO”.  However, the problem is in the world which we live in that’s hard to do because not only is the world doing it, but the church is doing it as well; there is not enough people saying “NO” to sin on behalf of Christ.  Additionally, we must take up His cross, which means we have to die.  We have to die to our own thoughts, ways, feelings and emotions; we have to die to our own agenda; we may even have to die to our own dreams, if the dreams doesn’t line up with the destiny which God has planned for us; and too often what we plan for ourselves is totally different than what God had in mind, because most of us made our plans out of the flesh.  Thus, we didn’t pray or ask God about what He thought we should do with our lives.  Listen, God doesn’t mind any of His children being successful, He just wants you to be successful His way; and the good news is if you are successful His way, man will never be able to take it from you.

                                                God Bless You.

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