Hang in There When the Way Get’s Tough

(St. Mark 14:50) “And they all forsook him and fled.” 

As Jesus was being betrayed by Judas, and placed into the hands of the religious leaders that wanted to kill him, the disciples scattered, in fact, “they all forsook him and fled.”

It’s so easy to run when we are faced with adversity; it’s so easy to say “I quit, I give up-I’m tired-things look so bad, thus it’s time for me to get out now.”  In essence, that’s what the disciples did, they decided for a period of time to leave God because things looked so bad.  However, we know people do it everyday, even Christians.  Marriages end up in divorce because they face some sort of adversity, such as financial issues, or issues with the kids, communication issues or maybe even issues in the bedroom, but instead of hanging in there when the way get’s tough and doing the things that’s needed to get the victory in your marriage it seems easier just to go your separate way.  Another example would be those who join a ministry that seems to be doing great, things are good, life is good, however, the church runs into some financial issues, or something happens that a member doesn’t like and instead of waiting on God, and taking the time to understand the situation, they up and leave the church instead of hanging in there when the way get’s tough.  Additionally, there will be times you will have to walk away from a bad situation; however, if you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, He will direct you in how and when to do that.  Otherwise, trust him and hang in there when the way get’s tough.  Child of God, everybody enjoys being a part of something when all is well, but at the end of the day, I want to know who is with me when the way get’s tough because it will get tough if you stay on this Christian journey, however, God is still on the throne and there is nothing too hard for Him.  Thus, Jesus found out who was with him on the way to the cross, and from what I can tell it was certainly none of the disciple’s.  However, as quickly as they ran away, it was just as quick that the Lord was ready to forgive.  Therefore, child of God, if you have found it to be easier to just give up or quit in the midst of the circumstance you are in, before you walk away, go to God and make sure it’s what he would have you to do; that way you at least walk away in peace with no regrets; be encouraged saints.

                                         God Bless You.




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