Results Of Justification-Part 3

The third attribute we discover as a result of being justified is: hope in God.  (Rom 5:3-4) says “And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also, knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience experience; and experience hope:” Thus, as believers who are justified all our hope is in Christ Jesus; and this is not a hope from the perspective of wishing that certain things will happen for us, but this hope is defined as having an expectation.  Hence, we are to have hope in the fact that God will do just what he said in his word if we obey.  Those who only have hope in this life are most miserable; however, the believer has hope in this life and beyond.  The good news is no matter the trial or the trouble the believer finds himself/herself in we are to glory or glorify God in the midst of it, because we know that no situation is too big for our God to solve; thus, there is never a hopeless situation.  For the believer to say they are in a hopeless situation is to say that the problem is too hard for God; and we know there is nothing too hard for God.

                        God Bless You.

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