Carnally Minded Christians

Most of the Christians we know are carnal minded.  Yes they said the sinner’s prayer; and yes they got saved.  However, once they got saved they didn’t attempt to really grow in Christ Jesus, and if you are not growing, if you are not progressing; then you are digressing.  You see to mark time (military term which means to march in place) or to stay in one spot in the kingdom of God is to backslide.  God always plans for his children to grow and mature in Christ Jesus and carnally minded Christians do not grow in Christ.  In fact, they often spend more time thinking and seeking worldly things and things which satisfy the flesh, than they do seeking the things of God.  Carnally minded believers remind me of being invited into God’s house, but they never leave the front door to explore the rest of the house.  They do get inside, hence they receive salvation; however, they don’t explore the other rooms of the house; in the other rooms of God’s house is the room of love-joy-peace, true holiness etc.  Thus, the Holy Spirit desires to take them through the rest of God’s house to reveal to them the gifts which they need in order to become a mature Christian.  I know this could be hard for some; however, (Rom 8:6) says “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.  Thus, the carnal minded Christian never delves into the deep things of God; hence, they don’t have enough of God to keep them from falling back into the world.  Thus, carnally minded Christians don’t go to heaven.

                        God Bless You.

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