Put The Lord In The Center

As the Lord moved the children of Israel out of Egypt, he placed them in groups of three and had them encamp around the tabernacle.  There were three tribes on the north side, three on the south side, three on the east side and three on the west side.  The interesting thing about this encampment is the tabernacle or (the presence of God) was right in the center or the heart of the camp.  In other words, the Lord was the heart beat of the camp.  Without the heart the Israelites’ were blind, without guidance and dead.  This is a picture which all Christians should pay close attention to, and that is without the Lord at the center of our lives we will never be what God would have us to be as Christians.  Even as he was with the children of Israel he desires to be with us, which is at the very center of our lives. He desires to be the heartbeat of our lives; he desires for us to consult him in everything.  People who place God at the center of their marriages have an opportunity to have successful marriages.  Those of us who place God at the center of our jobs understand that it’s not the job which makes us who we are or defines our success; it’s the God which we serve that defines our success.  When the Lord is at the center of your life he becomes the focal point; he becomes the one which you talk to daily, praise daily and meditate on daily.  The Lord is so serious about being the center of your life that He told Moses in (Ex 20:3) “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”  Saints that command will stand the test of time.  Let’s put the Lord back into the center of everything we do, we won’t regret it.

                                    God Bless You.

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