The Bad Shepherd

(Eze 34:2) saysSon of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy and say unto them: Thus says the Lord God unto the shepherds; woe be unto the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves; should not the shepherds feed the flock?” 

The shepherds in Ezekiel’s day were those who were responsible for providing leadership.  Those would include the Kings-government officials and certainly the priests, prophets and pastors.  The Lord’s concern with the shepherds of that day was they were making sure their needs were met before the people or their congregations.  They were more concerned about themselves than the people of God.  Child of God, if we are going to be leaders after God’s own heart, we must care more for the flock than we do ourselves (the Lord laid down his life for the sheep) we must feed the flock of God consistently, persistently and insistently.  To feed the flock of God encompasses a multitude of things, such as…teaching the truth of God’s word, the display of the character of God should be continually evident in the life of the shepherd.  Also the love of the God should flow from the heart of the shepherd throughout the congregation which he\she leads.  Too often the pastor spends way too much time thinking about how they will get theirs without any real concern for the needs of the congregation.  Too often the shepherd is living large and in charge while various members of their congregation don’t have enough money to pay their power bill.  You see God is concerned with pastors reaching out and helping fulfill spiritual and various physical needs in the lives of their congregations.  In fact, a lot of their physical and natural needs are a direct result of their mal-nourished spiritual man.  Hence, it behooves the shepherd to feed the flock of God among them and allow the Lord to meet their (the pastors’) individual needs.

                                                 God Bless You  

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