The Blessings Of Abraham-Part 5

The fourth blessing which God promised Abraham was “thou shalt be a blessing”.  Even as Abraham was a blessing to many…we certainly know he was a blessing to Lot (Gen 14:14-16).  Those of us who are believers in Christ Jesus have the ability to be a blessing to others.  There are various ways in which people perceive themselves to be blessed…such as a check in the mail, someone giving them the keys to a new car or new home without the payments of course.  Yes, these things can be a blessing; however, if you don’t have the wisdom to understand how to handle and care for these things they can become a curse as well.  But the believer in Christ Jesus can bless you in a way which the world can’t.  The believer has the ability to pray for you from God’s perspective and see those prayers answered; if a believer is praying for you consistently, they have the ability through the power of the Holy Spirit to share things with you concerning your life that you haven’t even seen yet.  The believer has the ability to lead a sin sick soul to Christ.  The believer has the ability to introduce you to a man name Jesus, which could set you on a course to be changed for life.  Yes, I know when it comes to blessings for many of us money is always good.  However, money won’t bring you peace of mind, but having a genuine relationship with Jesus will.  Thus, child of God you are a blessing to others whether you have perceived that or not.

                                    God Bless You

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