The Cost Of Discipleship

Serving God is not easy; this Christian walk is not easy contrary to what some may say. The Lord Jesus Christ knew this journey wouldn’t be easy because He told the disciples “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself take up his cross, and follow me”.  As Christians we are going to have to learn to say “no” to ourselves; we are going to have to learn to say (no) to our flesh-(no) to many of our wants and ideas-(no) to our own agendas. In fact, we will have to tell our own mind (no), I can’t think like that. When we are standing in the mall looking at that new thing and our credit card is saying go ahead and charge it, when we know that we can barely make the minimum payments now, we are going to have to say (no) to the credit card lifestyle if we are ever going to get out of the bondage of debt.

Furthermore, in order to be a Christian and operate in victory in this life, often we are going to have to say “no” to  ourselves and every-time we are going to have to say “yes” to God, because He is the one that made us and knows what is best for us. There was never a time that Jesus told the Father “no” because had He told the Father (no I won’t do that) then He would not have been victorious-but we know that every reply to His Father was YES and AMEN.  Hence, that should be our response to the Lord. Then there is this cross that we have to bear, no matter how much we love God, no matter how much He loves us, if the Lord suffered and we know that He did, we will have our own trials and tribulations (or cross to bear). However,  Jesus told us in( ST.John 16:33), I have spoken unto you that in me ye might have peace, in the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world”.  Therefore, if Jesus overcame the world we can too, because His spirit lives in us.

Finally, in denying yourself, and standing on the promises, power and the word of God, then are we able to follow Him, not only in this life but right on into the gates of heaven. Bear your cross-because the power to do it lives in you.



                                        God Bless You


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