(Ex 19:22) “And let the priest also, which come near to the Lord, sanctify themselves, lest the Lord break forth upon them.”


In order to stand or operate in the presence of God we must be sanctified.  To be sanctified is to be set apart for the express purpose of being used by God.  When the Lord tells us “to be ye holy for I am holy”, what he is telling us is to be sanctified.  Thus, if we are to be in his presence, we must be right, or more importantly, we must be righteous.  No one is exempt from sanctification if they plan on serving God for real.  This is the very thing Moses was trying to convey to the priest in Israel.  It was important that they examine themselves before trying to approach God with sin on them or in them, because sin in the presence of God would bring immediate death.  Therefore, as modern day Christians we too must understand that we can’t attempt to serve the Lord or approach him with sin in our heart’s unless we are bringing a repentant heart which cleanses all sin.  We can’t approach the Lord the way we want to or on our own terms, it must be the way the Lord has commanded.  Thus, it must start with sanctification.  It doesn’t matter what our title is or how gifted we are, if we are not sanctified our attempts to approach God is futile, and at best we are a dead men (spiritually) walking.  Thus, it behooves all of us who would claim to be a Christian to be sanctified.


                                    God Bless You

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