Anointed To Lead

(Exo 30:30)  “And thou shalt anoint Aaron and his sons, and consecrate them, that they may minister unto me in the priest’s office.”


Those who God has called to lead in the body of Christ must be anointed to lead.  They must be set apart to lead by the hand of God.  As Christians we must understand that just because we got saved, just because we can quote a few scriptures, just because we have a hum in our voice when we speak does not mean we have been called to pastor.  Those who have been called to the five-fold ministry have been called by God, and if they have been called they want be the only one who recognizes it.  Thus, men shall call you the ministers of our God (Isa 61:6). Aaron had certainly been called by God; however, it was confirmed by Moses who was Aaron’s leader.  Further, we must also understand that those who have been called by God are not continuing to practice willful sin.  They are not lying, stealing, cheating, or sleeping with those who they are not married to.  They are dealing with and getting the victory over the secret sins in their heart.  Furthermore, they are examining their lives constantly through the word of God to be sure that they are in right standing with God and man.  The truth is saint’s, that everybody who says they are called by God are not, and if you watch their life long enough you will see it for yourself.  I’m not saying that those who are anointed to lead won’t sin, because we all make mistakes.  However, you won’t find those who are anointed to lead operating in willful sin, because God’s seed is in them, and when God’s seed is in you (Holy Spirit) you can’t practice sin without some serious conviction.


                                    God Bless You.


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