When God Is Not Enough

In Genesis 3:1-6, we see Eve, having a conversation with the devil, essentially about what trees they can and can’t eat from.  One thing Eve, certainly knew, was that she could eat from every tree in the garden, except the fruit from the tree in the midst of the garden.  She knew that if they (her and Adam) ate from that tree, they would surely die.  Eventually the serpent (devil), presented the eyes of her heart with enough information that she began to see that the tree in the midst of the garden was good for food, pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise, and she fell for Satan’s lie.

Eve simply became a woman where her man and her God was not enough, and it set the course of the destiny of all humanity.  Eve’s relationship with her husband and with her God was not enough to satisfy her needs.  And when your spouse is not enough and your God is not enough, Satan will make you believe that he is enough.  Everything that Eve needed, God had provided for her in the garden, including his presence.  Satan just began to activate what was already in her (lust), desiring that which is forbidden by God, or needing something else other than God; neither her husband nor her God was enough for her.

For those of you out there that are married today, and your marriage doesn’t seem to be working out…allow God to be enough in your marriage, because he is able to restore and strengthened it in time.  For those of you that are single and you may be seeking a spouse…allow God to be more than enough in your life, and let Him present you with your lifetime spouse, because one thing we do know is that her hunger for something else changed their marriage.

Finally, when God is not enough, sin say’s I’ll be whatever you need me to be in your life; and we know that sin takes you further than you want to go-cost you more than you want to pay-and keeps you longer than you ever intended to stay.  At the end of the day, we all must decide that God is enough because that is the only way that heaven is guaranteed.


                                    God Bless You

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