Walking In The Spirit

How can we know that we are walking in the Spirit?  It’s simple really.  We must monitor our lifestyle.  We must examine whether we are displaying the fruit of the Spirit or the works of the flesh.  We have been led to believe that if we know a little word can speak in tongues and can pray a little that we are walking in the Spirit.  That’s not at all true.  That’s not to say that these things aren’t important; however, you will be known by your fruit.  Thus, if you display love, joy, peace, longsuffering…etc, you are walking in the Spirit.  It is not only the hearer of the word that matters, it is equally important that we do what we have heard.  Conversely, we know that we are walking in the flesh when we operate in things such as: adultery, lying, idolatry, strife, hatred…etc.  To walk in the Spirit is an ongoing relationship with God.  Thus, the more we come to know God; the more we seek him through his word and prayer; the more we experience his presence in our lives, the closer our walk with him in the Spirit should become.  The walking in the Spirit is a daily pursuit of his presence in our lives, and as God reveals himself to us, as he opens himself up to us this walking in the Spirit should be changing us.  This change should not only be evident to us, but it should also be evident to others.  Thus, this walk is not something we make happen it’s something that God makes happen because we have finally made up our minds to obey.  Therefore, “Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh (Gal 5:16).”


                        God Bless You

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