(St Mark 9:2) “Six days later, Jesus took with him Peter, James and John and brought them up to a high mountain by themselves, and he was transfigured before them.”


Even as Jesus was transfigured (changed) we too must be changed if we are to make heaven our final destination.  As Christians we must continue to grow in Christ; we must continue to die to ourselves daily; hence, we must be willing to do the things which the word of God tells us in order to make the change.  Our change must be a change that happens on the inside in our inner man before the change can be manifested outwardly.  Thus, when the change is real you will know, God will certainly know, and the people around you will certainly be a witness that a change has come over you.  If heaven is to be ours we can’t be satisfied with the fact that we at least got saved, we must be willing to move beyond the day we got saved into the growth and maturity of God.  Meaning that our actions should be changing, our words should be changing, our love for people should be increasing, and we should begin to look more like Jesus from an internal standpoint.  Thus, our character should exemplify the character of Jesus.  Child of God the truth is that “If any man be in Christ he is a new creature: old things have passed away, behold all things have become new (2Cor 5:17).”  When you are in Christ you are not who you used to be; the old you is dead and Christ has now come alive in you.  Thus, if there has been no noticeable change in you since you proclaimed Jesus as Lord, then you must go back and examine your salvation again because there must be a change.


                                                God Bless You.

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