He Has Done Great Things

(Psalms 126:3) “The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.


There is no doubt that the Lord hath done great things for the believer.  He started by saving our souls and making us whole.  If he had stopped right there he would have already done enough because no one else could give us that gift.  However, we know he continues to do great things for us, such as…allowing us to have life, health and strength; he has allowed us to stay gainfully employed in these tough economic times, and even for those believers who have lost their jobs, he has made a way for you to continue to press forward.  It may not be easy but with God you are well able to make it.  The Lord has given us a roof over our heads some food on our tables and some decent transportation to get us back and forth to work.  He has also given us power, love and soundness of mind; not to mention that if you are reading this blog he woke you up this morning.  In fact, if he had not woke you up this morning and you are a Christian you would be in the presence of the Lord (heaven) and that’s not a bad place to be either.  We must come to a place in our lives where we learn to be thankful for the things we so often take for granted like a cup of cold water to drink, a warm shower and air conditioning.  In America we have it better than 90% of the rest of the world and we need to recognize the fact that the Lord has done these great things for us through the hand of man.  Yes, he does great things through the hand of humanity; however, we sometimes forget who is really in charge.  Thus, if we really go back and look at our lives, we will find that he has done great things for us, therefore we should be glad.  You may never get everything you were hoping for; however, if you get what God has for you that will be more than enough.


                                                God Bless You

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