Faithful-Part 5

(1 Thess. 5:24) “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”


The God who called us, and choose us to be Christians is faithful.  He was faithful yesterday; he is faithful today and will be faithful tomorrow.  Thus, because the one who has called us is faithful, you can always rely on him; you can always depend upon him.  Jesus will never have a bad day; he will never have a day where he doesn’t lineup with his word perfectly.  He will never have a day where he is so busy he can’t hear you, or he is so busy that he doesn’t have time for you because he is faithful.  The Apostle Paul was so confident in the faithfulness of God that he absolutely knew he could rely on the Lord to complete in him what he already started.  Hence, if the Lord called us he’s going to perfect us if we get ourselves out of the way and allow him to do what he does.  Child of God, because he is faithful we too must display the characteristics of faithfulness.  Saints it’s sometimes hard to tell what type of mood some Christians are going to be in from day-to-day.  You don’t know whether they’re going to be up-down or even around.  But one thing is for sure, God will always operate in holiness-love and faithfulness; He will always be there for us as long as we don’t allow sin to separate us from him.  At the end of the day faithful-faithful-faithful is our God.


                             God Bless You

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