Four Soils Of The Heart-Part 4

The final condition of the heart we see is the good ground heart:  Thus, this heart hears the word, receives the word and brings forth fruit.  Hence, the person with a good ground heart not only hears and receives the word, but they also obey the word.  Those with a good ground heart have a heart that’s built on Jesus Christ and his crucifixion.  They have a heart to love, to operate in Joy, peace, longsuffering, and etc.  Does the person with this type of heart claim to be perfect?  No.  But they are striving everyday for perfection; they are striving each day to be more like Jesus.  Those with this type of heart make the change from operating in the flesh to walking in the Spirit, and it is evident to all who are paying attention.  They make the change from living the sinful life to living in the glory of God.  Their heart is always ready to receive a word from God, and they don’t care who is speaking it as long as they can find God in it.  The good ground heart is a repentant heart, a heart that does what’s right, does it because it’s right, and does it the right way, all because they have a desire to please God.  In their eyes God is not only more than enough, He is their life line.  Therefore, we have to conclude that the man/woman with this heart has a place in heaven.


                                    God Bless You

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