Halloween Is Not Of God

The Apostle Paul said “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” (Eph 5”11).  As Christians we have to be careful what we align ourselves with, as well as what we allow our children to be a part of.  Hence, we must expose Halloween for what it is and that’s a day to celebrate evil.  Yes I know the world wants us to think that it’s a day of fun, games, and costumes.  However, why would God be involved in a day that has been set aside as a day when most Satanists’ celebrate this as their high and holy day and even offer human sacrifices to the Devil?  It’s also a high and holy day for witches and the Wiccan religion.   Halloween celebrations were not celebrated in the early church, but the Druids celebrated this day in honor of Samhain, the “lord of the dead”, and his demon festival. Halloween actually means “holy or hallowed evening.”  According to the Roman calendar in which days began at midnight, the evening of (10/31) was the eve before the hallowed day or All Saints Eve: hence Halloween or All soul’s Eve was kept throughout the pagan world.  All Hallows Eve, because it was a day before All Hallows’ or All Saints’ Day was a holy day for the Church. It was a time where the Roman Catholic Church celebrated those who had died for their faith.  However, during the time of Constantine these two holidays (Halloween and All Saints Day) were merged in an attempt to Christianize the heathen.  The church could not prevent these heathen practices, so they thought “taming” them would be the answer.  They were of course not to worship their god’s on the church’s “All Saints day.”  However, as with all compromises with the Devil, soon the evil overrode the good, and these two days became more about Halloween and evil than they did the Church and All Saints Day; hence some still honor these heathen practices today. Further, why would God be in agreement with a day which presents our children with fear tactics such as haunted houses, scary movies and trick or treat.  Saints of God, the Lord is not a trick or a treat to be played with, He is for real, and He is Lord.  We have to be careful what we allow our children to become involved in because a little fox will spoil the whole vine.  Thus, we might think it’s all very innocent, however, you can open doors to spirits of fear and torment that you are not prepared to close in your children’s life.  If they want some candy go buy them some at the local CVS and just give it to them, and Church leaders don’t have Halloween parties at the church.


                                    God Bless You.

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