Dressed For Battle-Part 6

October 21, 2008

The sixth piece of armor which the Lord gives us in order to live victoriously on the earth is the Sword of the Spirit.  Thus, we know the sword of the Spirit to be the word of God.  And it is a life lived in obedience to the word of God that gets heaven’s and hell’s attention. For the believer the word of God is our lifeline; it is our source of strength; it is where we go to be encouraged.  In fact, it is this word of God that if used properly defeats the plan of the enemy.  When Jesus was challenged by his enemy after 40 days of fasting in the wilderness, every reply that he gave to his enemy came from the word of God (Matt 4:1-11).  Once the enemy figured out that Jesus understood how to apply the Sword of the Spirit, and that he wasn’t falling for the lies and deception he had to offer, the devil left him and angels came and ministered unto Jesus.  Hence, child of God, we too must learn to depend totally on the word of God when dealing with our enemy because we are not smart enough or quick enough, neither are we powerful enough to defeat the enemy of our soul’s on our on.  King David also shared with us how important this Sword of the Spirit was when he said “Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee (Psalm 119:11)”.  It’s the word of God that changes us.  It’s the word of God that renews our mind to institute change, and it is that same word that every demon in hell recognizes to be the absolute truth.  As a deacon said to me when I was preparing to minster my initial sermon “stay with the word son and you will be alright”; thus, I say to you all “stay with the word, and you too will be alright” for it is the sword of the Spirit!


                                    God Bless You


Dressed For Battle-Part 5

October 20, 2008

The fifth piece of armor that God has given the believer to live victoriously is the helmet of salvation.  Thus, because we have believed and received Jesus Christ as Lord, and we are making every attempt to live a Christian life in accordance with the word of God, our eternal victory is secure.  This helmet of salvation is imperative to our victory over the enemy because it protects one of the most important parts of the body, which is our mind.  The mind is where the battle lines are drawn.  The mind is where the flesh (world-devil) and the Holy Spirit are battling for control of our soul.  As we put on the helmet of salvation it is also important that we fill this helmet with the word of God.  Saints of God, we need to understand that whatever captures the mind captures the man.  In fact, (Rom 12:2) “And be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.”  Thus, the mind is the playground of the enemy. However, if we will obey the word of God, and wear this helmet like we are supposed to, our mind can belong completely to God.  It doesn’t mean we won’t have difficulties or struggles with some of our thought processes, however, with the helmet of salvation on we can take authority and dominion over the thought process so it doesn’t control us.


                        God Bless You

Dressed For Battle-Part 4

October 16, 2008

The fourth piece of armor which God as given us for our victory over our enemy is the shield of faith: Without faith it is impossible to please God.  Therefore, we have to have faith.  Faith believes in God in spite of what we see or think.  It is that which enables the believer to treat the future as the present and the invisible as seen. In fact, (Heb 11:1) says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.  In order to increase our faith we must study and believe God’s word.  The more of the word of God we know, and have the ability to live, the greater our faith becomes.  Furthermore, we need our faith to grow to stand against those fiery dots of lies, accusations and temptations which the devil fires our way.  From the beginning of our Christian walk to the very end we will have to have faith in God.  There will never be a day as long as you are in this earthly suit, that you won’t need faith in order to live victoriously in Christ Jesus, because we walk by faith and not by sight.  Therefore child of God, get your shield of faith up, and hold it up high, because your victory is in your faith.


                                    God Bless You

Dressed For Battle-Part 3

October 15, 2008

The third piece of armor we must have in order to operate in victory over our enemy is the shoes of peace.  Those who have on the shoes of peace are those who live their lives in peace regardless of their situation or their circumstance.  They make every attempt to live peaceably with all men, and as long as they have peace with God they can make it through anything.  In fact, this peace is a requirement if we are to be with the Lord in eternity; for the writer of Hebrews says “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).”  These shoes of peace are imperative to our sanity; they are imperative to our victory in Christ.  In fact, not too many Christians understand what it really means to have on these shoes of peace, because though the Lord gave them to us when we received salvation, not many Christians operate in true peace.  However, true peace in any situation is a valuable commodity in our pursuit of heaven.  Therefore child of God, know that you have on these shoes of peace, know that your feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace because your peace is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


                                    God Bless You

Dressed For Battle-Part 2

October 14, 2008

The second piece of armor God has given the believer in their quest for victory is the breastplate of righteousness (Eph 6:14):  Thus, we have no righteousness of our own apart from God.  In fact, all our righteousness is as filthy rags.  Therefore, this breastplate of righteousness is critical to protecting our heart as we go about the work of the ministry.  It’s critical to protect us from those fiery dots which the enemy will shoot at our hearts from time-to-time as we go about trying to live for the Lord.  Some of those fiery dots are things like discouragement, fear, doubt, unbelief and condemnation.  To have on this breastplate is to be in right standing with God and man.  It is to be obedient to God.  It is to love God, and to operate in the holiness of God.  Even as a soldier puts on armor to protect him in battle, we as Christians must have on this breastplate if we are to live victoriously; because the enemy will take shots at us to see if it holds up under the pressures of life.  Saints of God make sure you’ve got your breastplate on because it is one of our defensive weapons when dealing with the enemy of our souls.


                                    God Bless You.

Dressed For Battle-Part 1

October 10, 2008

The Lord has given the believer everything he/she needs to be victorious in their Christian walk.  He calls it the armor of God.  In (Eph 6:10) the Apostle Paul tell us to “Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”  With that said, I want to spend some time talking about the pieces of armor which the Lord has given the believer for victory in all things.  The first weapon He gives us is truth.  Thus, he tells us to have our “loins girt about with truth”.  Child of God, if you are going to live in victory you have to obey the truth of God’s word.  If the devil can get us to believe the lie, because all he has is the lie, and he is the father of lies; if he can get us to believe that just one part of the bible is false, then he is half way to proclaiming victory over our lives.  In fact, the truth of God’s word is the foundation for the rest of the armor, because without it there is no power in the rest of the armor.  It is the truth of God’s word which makes the rest of our armor dangerous to our enemy.  Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes unto the Father but by me (St. John 14:6).  Thus, you can’t separate the truth of God’s word from the Son, because they are one.  We must study and meditate on His word so we might know what the truth is.  Further, after getting to know and understand this truth, we must begin to manifest this truth through our lifestyle.  To be dressed for battle is to be dressed in the truth from God’s perspective, otherwise you are already defeated.  We shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free.


                        God Bless You.


October 9, 2008

(Phil. 4:1 KJV)  “Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved and longed for, my joy and crown, so stand-fast in the Lord my dearly beloved.”


The definition of stand-fast is a military term which means don’t move or hold your place.  Thus, when the Chief Petty Officer or the Commander says stand-fast they mean hold your place.  And saints of God that’s what we are going to have to do in this diverse and ever changing world, we are going to have to stand-fast.  Don’t let the devil convince you that you’re not living for God, don’t let the devil try to bring about guilt and shame from your past, because you have been forgiven by Jesus Christ.  Don’t let friends and those unsaved family members try to convince you that it doesn’t take all that to serve the Lord, because we know it took those in the bible all that and some more to get to heaven.  Child of God we can’t allow what’s going on around us to move us to fear, doubt or unbelief about the God we serve, we must stand-fast.  We must pray, we must obey God, and we must speak the word only to our situations because God is still in control.  Therefore, having done all…STAND.


                                    God Bless You