The Three Enemies Of Teamwork

(1 Cor 3:3) “For ye are yet carnal: for where there is among you envying, strife and divisions, are ye not yet carnal and walk as men?”


The apostle Paul shares with the church three enemies which will destroy any teamwork in ministry: The first enemy is envy.  The spirit of envy is a spirit which every team that is attempting to do anything for God must be on the lookout for, and should be prepared to remove it out of the camp ASAP.  In this text envy actually opens the door for the other spirits to form a stronghold in the midst of the church.  Thus, envy causes a team member (or members) to resent or desire someone else’s role or gift on the team instead of them operating in the area where God has them at a particular time.  Envy causes those on any team to start doing and saying things to others on the team which shouldn’t be said, and envy opens the door to another spirit called strife.  Strife on any team brings about dissension and bitter conflict; even fights and struggles which should never reside on any team that is trying to do something for God.  Strife must be immediately dealt with and must be removed from the midst of the team if they are to go forward.  If strife is not dealt with it often brings about the third enemy of teamwork which is division.  Envy and strife on any team will manifest itself through division; thus, the Devil’s idea is to separate or break the team up.  Strife is always looking for a few friends, thus if strife can get a few people on the team agreeing with him, then strife can begin to divide and conquer.  And at the end of the day saints, the Devil wants to divide and conquer anything that God has joined together, from a marriage to a ministry team it doesn’t matter to him.  Therefore, be on watch for these three enemies of teamwork because they are devilish.


                                    God Bless You

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