We Won’t Do It The Way Others Have

In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus says to the Pharisees “why do you also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition” (Matt 15:3)?

The Pharisees or religious leaders were used to doing things a certain way; for the most part their way, during the days that Jesus walked the earth.

They were used to ceremonial laws, oral laws and having synagogue services the way their forefathers did it.  Jesus came to let those religious leaders know that there is a new way of doing things now and the way you’ve been doing them was okay for that time, but change has come. Which leads me to this thought, the leaders of the Cup of Salvation won’t do it the way momma and daddy did it, we won’t do it the way our bishop or pastor’s of the past did it, [have church or church as usual], but we will get it done.  We will serve God, we will love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength; we will worship Him in spirit and in truth, but it won’t be with the tradition of men.  It is that tradition which has killed many churches in the past.  The Cup of Salvation can only afford to minister God’s way, and because of that, many, including other ministries won’t understand us.  They won’t understand why we fast so much, they won’t understand why we pray the way in which we do, they won’t even perceive why we have core values; but understand this we love God, we will serve Him until the day we die, and we will change the region by the power of the Holy Ghost. You won’t be able to serve without a level of accountability and in many churches that is what’s missing.  Thus, the Lord is challenging all ministries and leaders in the Body of Christ not to get caught up with the tradition of men, but be willing to hear God, drop those man made programs and become sensitive to the Spirit of God.  Saints of God, just because it was done a certain way when we were growing up doesn’t mean God can’t or won’t change it.  We just need to have a listening ear and a willing heart.


                                    God Bless You.


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