Win Your Space

2nd: Cor. 10:13—The Apostle Paul said “But we will not boast of the things without our measure (outside our sphere of authority) but according to the measure of the rule which God hath distributed to us, a measure to reach even unto you”.


God has given us all some territory to win.  In fact He told Joshua, that every place that the sole of his feet shall tread upon, He has given it unto him.

However, with all the territory that God has given to us… there is equally an enemy who desires to take all the territory that God proclaimed ours.

As Christians we have to know what territory or (rule of authority) God has given to us, and we need to know where it begins and where it ends. One of the territories that God has given us is the power to control what happens in our homes; we must first win our homes for Jesus, if we are planning to win anywhere else, such as our jobs, communities and schools.  As a Christian it should be our desire to take back the land that the Devil has stolen from us. Take back our homes, our children, our finances, and our communities.  God has placed the power in us to make a difference wherever we find ourselves.  For example, if the devil has been showing out at my brother’s house and I show up there, at least while I am there the devil is going to have to submit to the power of God that is in me; but rest assured if I haven’t gotten the victory in my own house over the enemy, then victory at someone else’s house is impossible.  Listen, win at home first, then other territories will be available for you to win.  God needs us to get the victory in our on lives, so we can start winning victories on someone else’s behalf.


                        God Bless You



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