A Merciful God

“Know therefore that God exacteth of thee less than thine iniquity deserveth” (Job 11:6b).

In this statement alone we know that our God is a merciful and loving God.  The fact is because of the sin and iniquity that resides in man what we really deserved was hell and death.  However, what the Father gave us was an opportunity for eternal life.  In fact, those that have believed and received Jesus Christ as Lord not only have life but life more abundantly.  Thus, because of his love for us he has punished us much less than we deserve.  He has forgiven us for our sins and has adopted us into his family, whereby we have received an eternal inheritance.  We who are believers ought to be thankful for this opportunity which God has given us through the shed blood of his son Jesus Christ.  I’m so thankful that God is not like man; you mess up on man and they hold it against you forever; however, with God when you repent and confess your sin before him he forgives and doesn’t hold it against you.  I give God the praise for your faithfulness in receiving encouragement from the daily word; however, I will not post a daily word again until the first week of December due to being out of the country on vacation.  Thanks and as always may God bless you?

                                God Bless You.

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