The Will, The Word and The Worship-Part 2

The second area which the Devil will attempt to attack the believer in is the word of God, which is seen in our confidence in God.  Thus, without a steady diet of the word of God; without consistent personal feedings, our confidence and faith in God will begin to fade.  Thus, the scripture tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Rom 10:17). Therefore, it is important that the word of God becomes a part of who we are in Christ Jesus.  Saints of God, if the devil can get us to start quoting what momma and them said back in the day instead of what God said, we know we are being attacked in our word life.  If he can get us to start building our own doctrine apart from the word of God, and living our life based on what seems to make sense instead of what the word of God says, we know we are being attacked in our word life.  When we find it harder and harder to get to our place of meeting with God (study time) we know there is an attack coming against the word of God in our life.  The fact is if the enemy can dilute or pollute the word of God in our lives then he stands a very good chance of causing our faith to waver and our confidence in God begins to diminish.  Saints of God whatever you do, don’t fill your meeting time with God with other stuff, because if you ever start doing that you will look around and wonder what happened to your relationship with God?


                        God Bless You

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