There are at least two types of suffering in the body of Christ, suffering for wrong and suffering for right.  To suffer for wrong is to pay for the multitude of mistakes and sins which we have committed.  Even though Jesus died for our sins and redeemed us from the curse of sin and death, there are still some sins in which we have to suffer the consequences of.  In fact (Gal. 6:7 KJV) “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.”  Thus, though true repentance may shortened our reaping days, there is still a payment due for sin, and the Devil will make sure he receives payment.  Furthermore, there is also suffering for the right or (righteousness): This is the suffering which those who are in the body of Christ face when we are truly living for Christ, and putting our faith on the line for righteousness sake.  However, suffering for righteousness sake is not always pleasant.  In fact, there are times when suffering for righteousness sake is more about drawing us closer to the Lord than anything else.  Job who was a man of God, a perfect and upright man was one of those who suffered for righteousness.  Friend after friend paraded themselves in front of him to try and help him understand his suffering.  However, after the older men got through talking a young man by the name of Elihu began to speak by the Spirit.  He told job “Lo all things worketh God, oftentimes with man to bring his soul from the pit to be enlightened with the light of the living (Job 33:29-30 KJV).”  Thus, he was revealing to Job you are suffering because you need to be closer to the Lord; you are suffering because the Lord needs to show you some things that he couldn’t show you otherwise.  Thus, saints all of us go through some type of suffering from time-to-time, but while we are in that place we need to have God reveal to us the why and the what of our suffering, because it will ultimately change us.


                                    God Bless you.

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