Light Of The world

If we are in Christ Jesus we are the light of the world.  For many of us that can be a lot of pressure; however, the Christ in us is a pressure reliever.  Saints of God, being the light of the world is to be different from the world; being the light of the world is to bring the light and love of Jesus into dark depressing places.  To be the light of the world is to bring hope where there is hopelessness, faith where there is fear, joy where there is pain and peace where there is frustration and anxiety.  It’s not that we have the power to do this in and of ourselves; however, we know the one and only Lord who can.  Jesus made it plain who we were when He said in Matthew’s Gospel “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid (Matt 5:14).”  Thus, the Father desires for us to reflect the light of his son in our lives.  The Lord desires and requires us to be different; He requires us to be set apart, and He requires us to bring His light into dark places.  And wherever we find sin we find a dark place.  Therefore, let us expose the darkness of sin to the light of Jesus, beginning with our own lives and situations because if we can’t allow this light to resonate in our own lives we will never bring that light to anyone else.


                   God Bless You.

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