New Beginnings-Part 3

The third change which must take place if we are to experience this new beginning is we must have an accountability partner.  (Prov. 27:17) says “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend”.  Hence, if we are going to change we can’t keep it between us and God.  We must tell someone on earth who will hold us accountable to the promises we made to God as it pertains to our change.  It needs to be someone who is praying for us, or someone close to us.  It must also be someone who is not overly impressed with us… such as our spouse or a spiritual mentor whom we have submitted our life to, who holds us accountable for the things we have promised to fulfill.  You see saints to keep a promise we made to God between ourselves and him makes it too easy to walk away from when change becomes difficult, because the body of Christ has become a body of quitters.  Too often we don’t finish the work we’ve started.  Therefore, to have someone touchable or tangible in our spiritual space; someone who can pray for us and encourage us when the way seems hard will catapult us into the new beginning we so desire.  Having an accountability partner actually strengthens both of you as you help each other through struggles, pitfalls and temptations.  Furthermore, when we make a vow to God, and our accountability partner that we are going to change, and we actually complete it.  It brings about growth in us that we didn’t have before.  Thus, to complete something in the Kingdom of God is to possess it.  And anything we possess we can use to help someone else make a real change in their own lives.


                        God Bless You

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