True Worship-Part 4

January 8, 2009

We know that true worship encompasses our praise as well as our heart life.  However, true worship unto God is also about the little things; the things we tend to take for granted.  Saints of God, many who grew up in the church were taught if you could sing, if you could speak in tongues, if you had a holy dance you had it going on; you had your praise and worship together.  However, true worship also involves being a good steward over that which God has given you.  Thus, the Lord is concerned about whether or not our house is cleaned; He is concerned about whether or not our grass is cut; He is concerned about the fact that we can find money to do anything else we want to do but there is always an excuse when it comes to tithing.  Further, the Lord is also concerned about whether we show up to work on time, and when we get to work are we really putting forth our best effort or are we standing around complaining.  Saints of God, how we take care of our stuff sends a strong message to the Lord; and that message is either we appreciate what he has allowed us to have or we don’t.  Being a good steward over what God has given us says a lot about our character.  In fact, when we take care of the things which God has allowed to have we actually open the door for more blessings because (Matt 25:21-Talents) says “His lord said unto him, well done thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”  Thus, when we are faithful with the little, God has a propensity to bless us with the much.


                             God Bless You

True Worship-Part 3

January 7, 2009

Those in the body of Christ who are true worshippers know whom they worship and why they worship; or at least they should know.  It is imperative that we understand for ourselves why we worship the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thus, it behooves all of us to get in a bible believing, bible teaching ministry.  We don’t want to be as the men of Athens who held devotions and ignorantly worshipped an unknown God (Acts 17:23).  We should take a real interest in understanding why we worship.  Therefore, we need to be in the word of God, we need to listen to the man/woman of God as they minister the word of God in our services, and we need to take our Sunday mornings times more seriously.  In fact, we need to be as those in Berea during the time of Paul and Silas “who received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so (Acts 17:11)”.  Thus, the Bereans were not interested in only being spoon fed the word of God.  They wanted to know and understand for themselves because knowing and understanding who we are in Christ Jesus helps all of us to understand why we worship.


                             God Bless You

True Worship-Part 2

January 6, 2009

To worship God in Spirit and in truth is more than what we find ourselves doing in our Sunday morning services through the various forms of expression…such as singing, shouting, dancing and etc.  Though they are vital in the worship of God, the most important aspect of the worship of God is being true to God about where our heart is.  It’s being open and honest with God about where we stand in our relationship with him, as well as others around us.  This truth in worship is important because God won’t have a relationship with us based on lies and falsehood; thus, we can believe that we have something going on with God but it can be so far from reality when our worship is not true.  And we can say to ourselves that we have it going on with God but if we are not constantly examining our heart we can be deceived.  In fact, this heart in us is such a powerful force in our relationship with God that Jeremiah said “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it (Jer. 17:9)?”  Thus, the one who knows it is the one we worship that’s why it behooves all of us to give our heart to him and be willing to obey the Lord when we he speaks to our heart.  You can tell more about a believer’s worship on Monday morning than you can on Sunday morning because true worship is a condition of the heart, and if the heart is not real for God it has a tendency to show itself more outside of the church than it would in a Sunday morning service when everyone is watching.


                   God Bless You

True Worship

January 5, 2009

(St. John 4:23 KJV) “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.”


Worship is defined as reverent love and devotion for a deity or sacred object.  Thus, the believers’ worship of God is evident from the way we live our lives to the way we praise our God.  Once we became Christians one of the main requirements to worshipping God was that we become true worshippers because anything in between just won’t do.  To worship God doesn’t require that we have a beautiful voice neither does it require us to be great musicians.  However, it does require that we love the Lord thy God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  The Lord is seeking true worshippers, and if that is what He seeks then we want to be in that number.

Saints of God, true worshippers change the atmosphere around them.  True worshippers can change an atmosphere of pessimism into an atmosphere of optimism; true worshippers have the ability to usher God into a place where he was non existent before; true worshippers are the kind of people we want to be around because they tend to be encouragers, and the Lord knows we need to be encouraged.  The truth is when the Lord looks at us we want him to identify us as true worshippers, because true worshippers always brings God with them, and true worshippers are always being sought by God.


                             God Bless You