Real Love-Part 2

(Eph. 5:25) “Husbands love your wives as Christ also has loved the church and gave himself for it.”


The love which Jesus shed upon his bride (the church) also included him giving his life.  Thus, men of God if we are to operate in real love it will mean that we too must give our lives for our wives.  Now that doesn’t mean that we must die a physical death because Jesus paid that price so we wouldn’t have to.  However, it does mean we may have to die to our own agenda, our own thoughts, and maybe even our own dreams for a period of time that our wives might be edified; that they might have a chance to pursue something they have a desire to do.  There aren’t too many men who would lay aside something they have a burning desire to do that their wives might be fulfilled in her endeavors.  But in essence that’s what Christ did for us.  He laid down his heavenly fame and took on a fragile and earthly frame for us, because of his love for humanity.  And what he has commanded men to do who say they love God is to take his example and begin to display that type of love at home.  There may be some of you out there who believe this is impossible.  However, with the Holy Spirit living inside of you nothing is impossible.  Hence, all things are possible to them that believe.  It’s time to move out of the superficial me first love and begin to operate in real love.  Real love can only be accomplished in Christ.


                                      God Bless You  

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