Real Love-Part 4

(Eph 5:22) “Wives submit yourself unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.”

An important part of real love in any marriage is submission.  Thus, the wife must submit herself to her own husband if there is to be the love of God in the home.  This was not only the case for our parents and grandparents but it is the case today in spite of what the world tries to present to us.  To submit is not surrender (surrender is giving up and giving into) but to submit is too willingly and without constraint come under the authority and governance of the husband.  Thus, it tends to cause things to run a little smoother in the marriage and it exemplifies the love of God manifesting itself in the wife.  Hence, there can never be two heads in the home and God’s order is that the man would operate in that role.  The message that a wife sends to God when she submits herself to her husband is God I submit myself to you as well.  And anytime we obey God we set our homes up to be blessed.  Therefore, wives it behooves you to submit to your husband whether he is saved or un-saved.  Often wives don’t want to submit if their husband isn’t in the church and she is.  Or if it seems in her mind that she doesn’t have anything to submit to.  However, if you really want to display the love of God; keep peace in your home and have any chance of winning him to Christ, yield to his authority anyway.


                                                God Bless You

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