Believe God

(St. Mark 5:36) says “Be not afraid, only believe”.

That’s a word for this hour that we are living in today; be not afraid, only believe.  If we are going to believe anything let us believe God.  Don’t believe all the hype you hear on the news; don’t believe all the negativity which comes out of the media because it is designed to cause us to be afraid; it’s designed to cause us to fear.  You see we don’t hear a lot of good news in the media because good news doesn’t sale; however, bad news causes us to stand and pay attention.  It causes newspapers and print media to sale.  We know this to be true because we see the continued fall in the stock market and this continued fall emanates from a lack of confidence and fear.  That’s not to say we shouldn’t be careful with our money, however, we should not allow the fear of what may happen to dictate how we live.  Because most of the time the worst doesn’t come.  Therefore, instead of walking in fear let us believe God; let us believe that things will get better.  Let us who are Christians believe that this economy will turn itself around; let us believe that God is still in control and He knows exactly what He is doing in America.  The fact is that there is enough fear and negativity in the air right now for all of us.  But for those of us who do know their God, let us believe God for the victory for those who don’t and for those who won’t.


                                    God Bless You


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