If Men Would Pray

(1st Timothy 2:8) says “I would therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting”.


Praying must come out of a clean heart and be presented and urged with the “lifting up of holy hands”. In other words, it must be strengthened by a life aiming to obey God, to conform to His divine law, and to come into submission to His divine will. Let’s never forget that while life is a condition of prayer, prayer is also a condition of righteous living. Thus, the true believer cannot live their lives without prayer.  In fact, most of what they do is determined by what they hear from God in prayer. Prayer promotes righteous living and is the one great aid to uprightness of heart and life. The fruit of real praying is right living, and when we live right it displays to all that this right living didn’t come by way of our own power, but it came by way of others praying for us, as well as, us praying for ourselves. Thus, as men we need to become comfortable with prayer.  We need to become comfortable with leading our families in prayer.  In fact, because we are called to be the head of our families it is imperative that we seek the Lord in prayer without wrath (anger) or doubt (lacking faith in a particular area when we pray). Therefore if you really want to grow in the things of God, read your bible, live right, and your prayer’s will be right with God.


                        God Bless You


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