A Great God

(Psalms 77:13) says “Thy way O God is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God?”

In the challenging times we live in, it’s good to remember that we serve a great God.  Thus, we must understand that he is great no matter what position we find our lives to be in.  We must understand that there is no failure in God; we must understand that there are no mistakes in God and He knows exactly what He is doing in our lives.  The psalmists ask “Who is so great as our God?” My hope is that we have all asked ourselves the same question and can say without hesitation that there is no one like Him.  Who seems to continually make ways out of no ways for us; who continually gives us new mercies every morning; who continually give us life, health and strength.  Who loves us in spite of our own faults?  Saints of God, it is the devil’s mission to get us to look for greatness in every other area of our lives.  It is his mission to get us to look at our circumstances and situations and to begin to question whether God is great or not.  But the fact remains that generation after generation has come to the same conclusion that true greatness belongs to God alone, and His way is in the sanctuary.  Thus, it’s in the presence of God where we find that He is truly great.  It’s in the sanctuary (the Lords house) where we find out how to live within His greatness.


                        God Bless You


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