Is It Peace

When Jehu was anointed king over Israel his number one mission was to destroy sin wherever it lived.  The question that would be asked of him everywhere he went was “Is it peace?”  And he answered, “What peace, so long as the whoredoms of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many” (2 Kings 9:23 KJV)?  Thus, in his mind as long as sin was in the region (or his sphere of influence) there would be no peace.  Saints of God that’s the mentality we have to take on when it comes to dealing with sin in our own lives.  We have to understand that we can’t allow sin to live in us; we can’t allow sin to have dominion even in our personal space.  Thus, there can be no compromise with sin, there can be no truce with sin, and there can be no peace in our lives when it comes to confronting personal sin.  It is important that we confront sin in our personal lives because we can’t confront it in anybody else’s life until we deal with our own.  Therefore, if we have to fast a little longer, if we have to pray a little longer, if we have read the word of God with more consistency, even if we have to let some friends and associates go because they seem to want to drag us down an ungodly path, that’s what we must do to rid ourselves of sin; because until we get rid of the things that keep us bound there can be no peace.


                                    God Bless You

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