Investing In Our Marriage-Part 2

As Christians we need to look at our marriage like our 401k plan. When we invest in our 401k plan with an eye on retirement and long term growth, we don’t stop investing in the plan because the market takes a fall. No. We hang in there because eventually we know the market is going to make a comeback. During those down times in the market we may try to move some money around to a different fund, or we may not invest as heavily in one fund verses another, but we don’t just quit, because ultimately we will be the one to pay the price for that. So it is with our retirement portfolio it should be with our marriages, we can’t decide to stop investing in our marriages when times get bad; we can’t stop praying for our marriages, we can’t stop talking to our spouse; we can’t stop loving one another. No, we must stay with it; we must be patient and wait on God to turn it around because the bible says “weeping may endure for a night (and sometimes that can be a long night) but joy does come in the morning”, and when you feel like you are about to let go, know that you are on the verge of your morning. If there is nothing to hard for God, and we know that there isn’t; if we know that God is sovereign, and we have found that to be true as well; if He can cause the Israelite’s to cross the Red sea on dry land; if he can raise Lazarus from the dead, surely He can breathe life back into our marriages if we decide not to give up.

God Bless You

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