Investing In Our Marriage-Part 3

The second way we can show God that we are investing in our marriage is: We must spend some time together. (St. Mark 3:14) says “And he (Jesus) ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach, and to have power to heal sicknesses, and to cast out devils.
The part of the text that sticks out is “He ordained twelve that they should be with him”; listen Jesus needed to get to know these men before he could release all this power and authority into their hands. He needed to know who these guys were that were going to be hanging around him and taking on the name Christian.

By the same token some of us don’t know our spouses because we don’t take the time to really be around one another. We don’t ordain a time in our schedules to spend with our spouse just hanging out, talking, listening, laughing, loving and praying for one another. We don’t set aside that time to get away from it all. We don’t set aside quality time for each other anymore. We don’t take the time for walks in the park, walks around our neighborhood, talking and enjoying each other’s company. In fact, we don’t even sit together at dinner time and discuss our day because everybody wants to watch their own TV show on separate televisions in different rooms. Everybody seems to be so busy doing everything else that they forget about the one laying next to them in the bedroom.

Listen saints we can’t spend all our time raising the kids. We must take some time out for one another because if all our time is spent running the kids to dance practice, football practice and music lessons; if all our time is spent making sure they have every need and want we will wake up one day look across the table at the one we said “I Do” to and not even know them; because one day the kids will be grown and gone then we will have to face our spouse, and to be strangers in your own house is challenging. Therefore, let’s really get to know the one we lay next to every night because God would really have us to know one we said “I Do” to.

God Bless You

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