When We Forget Who We Are

As Moses was spending time with God and seem to be delayed in getting back to the children of Israel the people seem to get very anxious. They seem to get to a place where they needed a god to worship other than the true and living God, and they convinced Aaron the priest to make them a golden calf, or an idol god. (Ref. Exo.32)

The problem with that is the Lord will have no other gods before Him and Aaron should have known better. However, this tends to happen to many Christians when we forget who we are and whose we are which are Christ’s. When we forget who we are we tend to compromise what we believe and our values. When we forget who we are we tend to go with the flow, follow the crowd or role with the majority. When the fact is if you are on the Lord’s side you are the majority.

When we are on the Lord’s side we can be in a room with a hundred people voting one way and God still sees us as the majority regardless of the physical numbers. The problem arises when our minds are not made up to be on the Lord’s side, and for a short span of time Aaron decided to be on the side of the people than the Lord’s side. Saints of God we must remember who we are because in that split second that it takes to follow a crowd, a fad or a person going in the wrong direction we may not only be jeopardizing our lives but also the lives of others.

God Bless You

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