Good News Is Refreshing

(Prov. 25:25) “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country”.
As cold water to a thirsty soul is refreshing to the body, so is good news in the body of Christ. There is often so much bad news being released in the world and the church that to hear some good news from time to time is absolutely refreshing. We know that the good news is ultimately the gospel of Jesus Christ but every now and then the body of Christ needs to talk about the good things or the blessings that God is bestowing upon us, and He is still in the blessing business. Those types of reports are truly refreshing to the soul of man.

Thus, every now and then we need to tell it if God blessed us with a new job; every now and then we need to tell it if God blessed us with a promotion on our job, if God blessed us with a new house, if He healed our bodies, or if He is blessing in our marriages and families; because if the Lord blessed us it encourages others that maybe there is hope for them to receive their own blessing from God. And we must understand that everyone in the church won’t celebrate our blessing; in fact, there will be some that will hate the fact that you even shared. However, good news brings about refreshment to the soul. We often spend so much time talking about the bad and what the devil is doing until we forget what God has done and is doing in our lives. The fact is we can always find some bad news, and we all need to learn how to process that news, but good news can encourage us to continue to hold on and believe.

God Bless You

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