The Three D’s Of The Enemy-Part 3

Finally, the enemy uses the weapon of Distraction to keep us from giving God the praise He desires. Distraction means to turn aside; to draw or direct (ones attention) to a different object or in a different direction at the same time.

Distraction is a powerful enemy because you can be in prayer and not be praying; you can be in a powerful worship service and not be worshipping at all. You can sing unto God, clap your hands and stomp your feet in praise and not be praising Him at all, because your heart is not in it. It’s like the Ojay’s sang back in the day “Your body is here with me but your mind is on the other side of town you messing me around.” And the truth is some of us are just messing around with God when it comes to our praise because our bodies are here at the church but our minds are somewhere else. Maybe our minds are on what we going to do when service is over; maybe it’s own our favorite TV show, maybe it’s own that girlfriend or boyfriend; maybe it’s on our financial trouble but whatever it is God doesn’t want us distracted, He wants our mind on Him; because (Isa 26:3) says “thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee.”

David showed us how important it was to stay focused on God when he said “One thing I desire that will I seek after, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His temple (Psalm 27:40). Thus, he had one desire and that was to be in the presence of the Lord; and because that was his one desire distractions wasn’t a problem for him. However, the question remains for us all, is God our number one desire? When He becomes number one distraction becomes less and less of a problem for us when it comes time to give God what He deserves.

God Bless You

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