Michael Mania

The world has gone crazy over the death of Michael Jackson. The world from the U.S.A to England, to Russia, China etc…are excited about anything MJ, from music, memorabilia and even image. But saints of God just think for a moment about what the Lord could do in the world if the body of Christ was that excited about their savior Jesus Christ. The excitement in Christ alone could truly turn the world upside down. The fact is that it’s not only the world that’s excited about MJ, some of that excitement is coming from those who are a part of the body of Christ, who hadn’t ever or at least in a long time been that excited about Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong now I grew up listening to his music, emulating his dance moves and even making sure the afro was tight; but as a Christian I don’t dare give MJ more of me than I do God. Thus, we should pay our respects to a man which brought a gift in his music to so many people, but if we (Christians) are to be excited about anyone let is be Jesus Christ alone, because at the end of the day even MJ has to give an account to Jesus.

When we think of those in the bible who were excited about their savior it was the early Church of the book of Acts that truly exuded excitement about the Lord, to the degree that thousands were saved and many more were healed, delivered and set free. We need to get that type of excitement back into our churches, communities and hearts; and there is no doubt that we can because people really do get excited about something or someone they care for, and for the Christian the excitement should be about Jesus.

God Bless You

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