A Champion Mentality-Part 3

3 A true champion must experience some early victories: (1 Sam. 17:33-37)

David wasn’t afraid of the fight with Goliath because he had already experienced some early victories as a young boy by the hand of God. God had already delivered him from the jaws of the lion and the paws of the bear. And because of those victories David knew who he was and whose he was.

With that said, we too must experience some early victory over adversity and various challenges so when we have to face a real devil we won’t be so paralyzed, and believe me, if we keep living, we will have to face a real devil. We must not run from adversity when it comes our way. We can’t decide that when things get tough we are going to just give up and throw in the towel. David (as a teenager) was able to handle the confrontations he was faced with because God had introduced him to some adversity early in his life and delivered him from that adversity. Thus, he didn’t think about running from his Goliath.

Parent’s this ought to encourage us as well, in that we can’t solve all our children’s problems, but we must teach them how to seek God’s word and how to pray when they face various forms of adversity. They must experience some early victories over adversity so when they leave our home they won’t be so quick to run back home at the first sign of trouble. We must watch them and allow them to work through some adversity and if they get too far off the path, we can always lead them back to the right path, but we shouldn’t become their problem solver or their God; because if we set the precedent that we will solve all their problems when they are in their teens, we may find ourselves doing it when they are in their twenties and thirties and that won’t be good for us or them.

God Bless You

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