Verbal Communication

There are at least three forms of communication in a marriage, and over the next few days, I would like to talk a little about those three. The first form of communication to be discussed is verbal communication. If Christian marriages are going to be strong, if they are going to be marriages that God can use to strengthen other marriages, husbands and wives must talk to one another. It’s important that you talk not argue, for (Eph 4:29) says “ Let no corrupt communication proceed from your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace to the hearers”. As husbands and wives talk to one another, allow your speech to be such that it builds your spouse up and not tare them down; allow your speech to be such that your words minister grace into the ears and heart of your spouse (to minister grace is to put your spouse in a position where he/she can hear and receive what you are saying); because it’s not only important what you say, but it’s also equally important, how you say it.
To all the men out there, it’s been said that men are poor communicators when it comes to talking to their wives and on some level there is some truth to that, because we can talk to anybody about our favorite sport and favorite player, but we still don’t know what it takes to bring a smile to our wives face. However, it’s time to get past that and begin to really start talking to our wives because if we don’t talk to them, Satan surely will. Remember, Satan hates marriage because it is ordained by God and he will use whatever means necessary to destroy it, and lack of communication is a good start.

God Bless You.

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