The Power Of Unity

Jesus understood the power of unity. He understood what would happen if at least two believers came together in His name. In fact, He said in (Matt 18:20) “For where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them.” When Jesus made this statement He wasn’t talking about the saints coming together to sale chicken dinners; He wasn’t talking about the saints coming together to sale Krispy Kremes donuts, although I’m not against it at all. However, Jesus was saying if Christians would get in agreement with His word in prayer, there would be nothing they couldn’t accomplish together. You see the truth is we can get more done together in Jesus name, than we can by ourselves. One Hundred and twenty believers got in agreement with God in the upper room and the Holy Ghost fell and the new testament church was birthed (Acts 2); twelve disciples got in agreement with God and turned the world upside down and one of them had a devil; the Father-Son and the Holy Spirit came together in (Gen 1:26) and said “Let us make man” and declared it was “very good”. Therefore, if we as Christians want to see our school system change, if we want to take our communities back from the thug; if we want to see young men stop killing one another over the colors they wear, we must come together as one and break the power of the devil in the heavenlies first through prayer and intercession, then we must be willing to become visible in our neighborhoods. However, we must do it together; this won’t be a problem our police department can solve, Gods people must be willing to eradicate this problem and any others we face on our knees.

God Bless You.

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