The Lord Is In Our Midst

(Psalms 46:5) “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her and that right early.”

God is in the midst of His bride, which is the Church. Thus, the church shall not be moved. The church shall not follow every wind of doctrine; the church shall not be moved by every new age movement that comes along; the church shall not fail, falter or give up because God is in the midst of her, and if you are a believer you are the church. The church which Jesus Christ is the head of shall not be moved, even though there are times when life is challenging. The church shall not be moved even though life in and of itself can be uncertain, unstable and sometimes on very shaky ground. The church which lives in each individual believer shall not give in even when times are tough because greater is He that is within us than He that is in the world.

The truth is that regardless of what some may say the Church is still here, it’s still vibrant, it’s still very relevant and though we struggle we have help from the Father because the word says “God shall help her and that right early”. Thus, don’t worry about the horse that’s pulling the cart going blind and you never crossing the finish line, you just stay on the horse and hold onto the reins and God will see you across the finish line. Hence, because God is in the midst of us the charge is to hold on to God and let him finish what He has started in us regardless of what our position is in life. He is in our midst and He will help right early. The help may not come when we think it ought to but when it comes it comes just in time. Thus saints, hold on because God is not going to let His Church go under.

God Bless You

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