The Hinderer

(1st Thess. 2:18) “Wherefore we would have come unto you, even I Paul, once and again; but Satan hindered us.”

Saints of God we must understand that anytime we are attempting to do something for the Kingdom of God, Satan will do all he can to hinder (stop, impede progress or delay) that work. We see his hindering spirit at work as he attempts to keep Paul from visiting with the saints at Thessalonica; we see it also in the book of Nehemiah as he uses men in an attempt to hinder the work of rebuilding the wall. We also see it in his attempt to distract Jesus from the work He was called to do after His wilderness test of (Matt 4).

Thus, we know if Satan would attempt to hinder their work for the kingdom we too must expect the same. However, the hindering spirit won’t get the victory over those believers who have a made up mind to serve God. The spirit of the hinderer won’t stop those who have a hunger for winning in the name of Jesus; it won’t stop those who have made it their mission in life to do something great for God before they die. If our goal is to do something for God outside of seeing ourselves saved then we can expect the spirit of the hinderer to rise up, but we must declare that it won’t have a resting place in our lives nor our ministries because if we let a hindering spirit live with us we will spend our lives getting things done late or not at all. And that’s just the way the devil would have it, either getting it done for God out of season where it has very little affect or not getting it done at all is what he would really prefer.

God Bless You

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