To Them That Overcome-Part 1

(1 John 4:4) Says “Ye are of God little children and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.”

To overcome is to get the better of; to gain superiority; or simply to win. Thus in order to overcome the enemy of our souls we need God. In fact, based on the power of God inside of us; based on the Holy Spirit that lives inside of us the Lord has already proclaimed that we have the victory over the Devil before the battle ever starts; before we ever get in the ring with the Devil God has already proclaimed us to be a winner, to be an over comer; to be a victor and not a victim because what we have inside of us (Holy Spirit) is mightier than anything the world has to offer.

However, we who are believers in Christ Jesus have to come to the realization that we have this power and nothing but ourselves, nothing but our lack of belief can hinder our victory. You see the Lord tells us that “Ye are of God little children and have over come” that have overcome is past tense, meaning that before we ever get into a wrestling match with the enemy (and we do wrestle) God says I have already seen the believer winning, but what we see is what really matters. What we see must line up with what God sees or we are doomed to lose the battle and the battle does not have to be lost because the battle is not ours all by ourselves it is the Lord’s. Thus, seeing the battle from God’s perspective through his word is what really matters.

God Bless You.

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