To do those things that pleases God

(St. John 8:29) Jesus said “And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.

Jesus was able to make such a statement because he knew as long as he did the things that were pleasing to God that God would always be there for him. As Christians our number one goal should be to do those things that always please God. Just think about how different our lives would be if we did those things that pleased God. We would be more productive on our jobs, we would organize our time better so that we would be able to spend quality time with God throughout our day, (study-prayer and praise), and we would certainly be more serious about church attendance and ministry. Also our compassion for others would become a priority; our love for our fellowman would become much greater, and we would seek God in prayer about every decision made in our lives, whether those decisions were great or small.

However, we know that Christians don’t always do those things that please God but we should, and when we don’t there is a gift called repentance that we should use more often. Furthermore, as it pertains to seeking Him about life’s decisions, God probably doesn’t get 25% of our prayers lifted up to Him, because even Christians are still doing what they want to do without any advice from God. What we must do is go back and look at our lives and really examine if we are doing those things that please God. Are there areas where we could do better? Well let’s do it then; because how many times do we not need God in our lives…that’s what I thought? So if we want God to be with us, we must do those things that please Him.

God Bless You

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