The Price Of Hidden Sins

(Prov. 28:13) “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.”

Somehow we have come to believe that we will get away with wrongdoing. We have come to believe that what we do in the dark won’t come to the light. We know this is true because we see sin and corruption coming to light every day from the house of God to the house of government at every level. But the fact is when we see ourselves falling into sin, when we see that we have our hands into some corrupt stuff we need to deal with it immediately because sin and corruption that goes unchecked will come back to hurt us in a major way. In fact, it often comes in ways we would never expect because the Devil likes to get us to our highest plateau where everyone can see us then he plays a hand that’s unbeatable. This hand doesn’t only cause us to fall but it affects so many more around us, such as our family, church members and close friends.

Thus, it behooves us all to confess and forsake sin and corruption at the moment we see it, because sin is nothing to be played with; and whether we are Christian leaders or simply government officials when we find ourselves in sin and corruption it causes tremendous damage to ourselves and the office or position we hold. At the end of the day, sin takes us further than we want to go, cost us more than we wanted or thought we were going to pay, and keeps us longer than we wanted to stay. Thus, sin and corruption loves company, don’t let it be named among you.

God Bless You

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