A Kiss

(Song of Sol. 1:2) says “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better wine.”

This scripture has a two-fold meaning. The first is how Christ feels about his bride the Church; but it could also mean the relationship or interaction between a husband and a wife. For God has no problem with a husband kissing his wife intimately or vice versa. In fact, he encourages it. A kiss when it’s done the right way is a sign of intimacy; a kiss is a sign of great affection. A kiss in many countries is a salute or a form of greeting, but for a husband and wife in America it should be a form of lip caress and intimacy. It should not be something that’s taken for granted.

For too long the church has kept quiet when it comes to talking about sexual communication in marriage but the days of keeping quiet must cease. How long are we going to stand by and watch marriage after marriage in the church end up in divorce before we start actively encouraging husbands and wives to get back into their bedrooms and make a real effort to be intimate with one another, and oh by the way, don’t forget to kiss. Making love for a Christian couple is not only important for the couple but it’s also important for the church they attend because the couple who will make love at home has the ability to bring an atmosphere of love to their local church and our local church needs the love of God desperately. Thus, let me encourage you to once again make kissing an art form in your marriage, for it is one of the doorways to intimacy.

God Bless You

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